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All-In-One Email Marketing For Service Providers

Save time and Boost sales by Streamlining your Email Outreach.

Take advantage of new Innovations in A.I by integrating a full stack solution in your email sales system.

1) Find Leads

Use advanced algorithms to discover high-quality leads, matching the user's ideal customer profile and location.

2) Retrieve information

Find their emails by examining public data to understand leads and their contact address.

3) Compose message

Use natural language processing to craft personalized email messages for engaging leads.

4) Send Message

Automate emails being sent by simplifying sending an email with just a few clicks and save time.

1) Find Business Leads

Locating top-notch leads is vital for business success. Emarkai aids users in finding new leads using machine learning to pinpoint companies and decision-makers matching their ideal customer profile and location. This may include searching online directories, social media, and other business data sources to identify potential leads.

2)Retrieve Information on your Potential Customer

Creating a successful sales strategy requires a deep understanding of each lead and needs. Once Emarkai has identified a lead, it retrieves more information about that prospect. This could involve analyzing publicly available data on the company and its key decision-makers.

3)Compose an Email

Crafting personalized email messages is crucial for connecting with leads and getting conversions. Emarkai aids users in writting effective emails using Artificial Intelligence.

4) Send an Email to your Potential Customer

Emarkai's key feature is simplifying email outreach. Automating tasks in email marketing helps users save time and enhance their outreach. By simply clicking their email address you can send an email to your prospect. The email gets generated and sent through a link which opens your default email app

Empowering Small Businesses with Email Marketing Solutions

We empower service providers and small businesses. We give them tools to find and engage leads. Afterwards we use Artificial Intelligence and language processing to help users craft emails. Our aim is to make creating email campaigns easy, save time, and grow businesses.

Simple payment, Pay as you Go

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  • 1200 credits
  • 10+ Email Address
  • Search Places with No Bounds
  • No login Required
  • Online Support 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

Emarkai suits new and intermediate service providers, helping them expand their customer base via email marketing. These users lack a dedicated marketing team or seek ways to automate and simplify their email outreach for time savings.

Yes, currently we offer 15 leads & outreach free of charge.

Yes, you can personalize every email for each prospect. The email is sent through a webpage mailto link that opens your default email app.

Emarkai combines lead discovery and outreach, which is unique. This integration makes our tool simpler and saves users a lot of time.

You can contact us at help.emarkai@gmail.com.